More than a million homes in Andalusia are not insured, according to an analysis prepared by

A total of 1,037,675 of the usual homes in Andalusia are not insured, 32.4 percent of the total, slightly above the national average (25.7 percent). In this way, Andalusia is situated in the region of Spain that concentrates the largest number of main dwellings without home insurance.

This data is derived from the analysis made by, the leading online market comparator, on the impact of home insurance in the country and the likelihood of suffering an incident, especially on vacation.

According to the data, this occurs despite the fact that more than 1.1 million Andalusians (21.5 percent of the population) have had to occasionally take on expensive repairs in their homes because they do not have this protection.

Every hour, insurers attend 800 mishaps in Spanish homes.

Most of these incidents are water damage – every 15 seconds one is recorded – followed by glass breakage, electrical damage, and theft, the latter with a greater presence in the summer months. Specifically, August is the month where most parties for home burglaries are recorded.

The head of Insurance at, Itzal Arbide, has argued that “despite these data, which show the high probability of suffering a loss in the home, 43 percent of Andalusians still do not know the risks of not having hired a home insurance. ”

Sometimes, according to Arbide added, “when you suffer a mishap is when the owners are really aware of the expense they must assume for not having adequate protection.”

In fact, 10.2 percent of Andalusians say they have regretted not having insurance or have not expanded their coverage. “Not having insurance is expensive in Spain, unlike what happens in other countries, take out home insurance, it is not mandatory,” he has abounded.

However, homes that are subject to a mortgage must be protected by fire insurance and, in general, owners extend this coverage because banks link home insurance to better loan conditions. Despite this, there are still many Canarian households that do not have this protection.

According to the data of, a basic range home policy has an average price of 159.20 euros, although there are options in the market from 77 euros.

“If you consider that the repair of a leak, the most common mishap in homes has a cost of 333 euros on average and a theft has a cost close to 1,500 euros, it is clear that have a home policy It is the best way to protect consumers’ homes and pockets, “said Arbide.


One of the most common mishaps in homes, especially during holiday periods, is theft. The companies attend each year around 400,000 cases, which means that every minute and 19 seconds there is a mishap for theft in Spanish homes.

Even so, in recent years there has been a gradual decrease in the number of robberies with domestic violence, which is also reflected in Andalusia, since in the first quarter of 2018 there was a decrease in the number of robberies in the region of 9, 3 percent with respect to the same period of 2017.

Canarias, Baleares, and Galicia are the communities with the lowest penetration of Home Insurance. In the case of the Canary Islands, 54.9 percent of the main housing stock is insured; in the Balearic Islands, 62 percent and in Galicia (64.5 percent) are the regions with the lowest percentage of insured homes.

By contrast, País Vasco (88 percent), Navarra (87 percent) and La Rioja (80.5 percent) are the regions with the highest penetration of home insurance. In total, Andalusia is the community with the largest number of uninsured main dwellings (more than 1.03 million households). is the leading comparator of Insurance, Telephony, Finance, Cars, Energy and many other services, belonging to the Admiral Group’s aggregators division.